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One of a kind Hats made to order

About Us


All our luxury hats are made by hand following the specific requirements of each individual customer.


CabocoTribe is inspired by a mix of Latin American and European cultures and style. A fusion of tribe and city, traditional and new. 

We are committed to using best quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to create unique 'one of a kind' products. Our hats are sustainable conscious where less is more. 

Be confident, stand out of the crowd and be your own tribe.


Who is behind CabocoTribe?

Caboclo or how we say in the popular way in the Amazon CABOCO is what I am, a mix of colours of Indigenous and European. 

Originally from the Amazon, I grew up surrounded by nature and my indigenous culture. I embraced the beauty of the tribes’ embellishments and ornaments from body paint to accessories, jewellery and headpieces. 

Moving to Europe and working as a Costume Designer I developed a deep interest in fashion and silhouettes from different periods of time.  

I am fascinated by how fashion and especially headwear has been a crucial element of people’s daily wardrobes  over hundreds of years giving protection and a distinct sense of status and style. 


Yann Seabra

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